Sidari бюджетные квартиры  Версия для печати

Квартиры / студии, Сидари

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The apartments, located in Sidari by the coast of Corfu, are an ideal place for relaxation and will offer you the chance to enjoy the tranquil Greek countryside and Mediterranean climate.

The Apartments are conveniently located 800 metres from the centre of the small town of Sidari. Sidari features a beach, taverns, cafes and local shops. In this quiet location by the coast and surrounded by forests, you can enjoy walks through the natural terrain or relax in the private garden.

The stunning Canal d’amour, with its white carved rocks and blue waters compose a truly wonderful scenery.

The town of Sidari has a developed service industry and offers a variety of water sports.

Расстояние до пляжа (ей):Около 800 метров .. Важная информация Бассейн расположен в 50 метрах от отеля.
Адрес: Сидари, Корфу, Греция
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